Hello, thanks for visiting my photography web site. I now have a studio available in Escondido for photo and video shoots.

I am working with
Everleigh's Boutique, http://www.everleighsboutique.com a new art space in Escondido.  I will have some photos on display there soon.


I am exploring many different areas of photography as I search for my muse. I enjoy shooting fashion, fitness, cosplay, figure studies, nature, landscapes, botanicals, and combinations of those. Yes, this will lead to a diverse portfolio as I explore and experiment.  I also shoot video and have a good setup for capturing live performances.

Photographers & other artists that I admire and/or influence my work:
Mitch Dobrowner, Igor Amelkovich, more listed in my blog entry.

If you are looking for a photographer, I am generally interested in discussing TF* shoots. If you have very specific needs that don't complement my portfolio I will probably ask for compensation.

I am also willing to work as an assistant. I have many years of experience in the business and technical world leading sometimes very large teams to complete complex projects on time and on budget. If you want someone to help in that kind of role with your photography, let's talk.