CaptoLumen Photography: Blog en-us (C) CaptoLumen Photography [email protected] (CaptoLumen Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:23:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:23:00 GMT CaptoLumen Photography: Blog 83 120 Coming back to photography and video After an extended break I'm coming back to photography.  Just a bit of casual shooting now and then in the interim - the camera hasn't been totally idle but no projects to speak of. It is video that is bringing me back - I started shooting and editing video of live music and have been doing that off and on for a while.  Now it is on again as I work with a local artist to make some publicity videos for her music.  We are kicking around the germs of some creative ideas that could become something interesting.  This has also blown some oxygen onto the embers of my idea about classical sculpture which I captured in a blog post several (5!!!) years ago. 

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Video - Canon 60D and Rode VideoMic Today has been rainy all day and that gave me some time to finish my first attempt at video editing and production.  I've been shooting video with my 60D and an off camera Rode VideoMic.  I just started using PowerDirector, the learning curve is a bit steep but I made a lot of progress in one rainy day.  If it rains tomorrow maybe I'll get another one done!

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Links - Resources and Inspiration Here are some links to artists and others that I have worked with, inspire me,  or make me want to share in some other way.

Photographers that inspire me and/or I like to follow their work

Glen Allison - this is here because one of my dreams is to be a vagabond travel photographer... 

David Finn - when I started researching sculpture I found him right away!! 

Igor Amelkovich

Artists I have worked with, admire, and like to keep up with

Jasmin Celjo - an amazingly talented retoucher with very reasonable prices

Briana @ SkinTightBodyArt - I was part of Briana's creative team for the MOPA body art event. 

Mojave Light Studio - Diana has done some great work in Joshua Tree NP

Studios and models I have worked with, and other resources

DK3 Studios in Mira Mesa - I have been shooting here a lot recently.



Links I am in the process of adding: - Sophia Caysedo


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Inspiration: Pageant of the Masters and Hellenic sculpture Recently I enjoyed the Pageant of the Masters for the first time. While I was enjoying the performance, it struck me that the representations of sculpture would make fantastic subjects for photography.  Along the lines of the Pageant of the Masters, I am thinking of a project that would combine models, makeup, and wardrobe elements to capture the essence and feeling of some of these works of art.  I have done some research on sculpture from different periods and am attracted to the sculpture from the Hellenic period (originally done in bronze but mostly known through later marble copies), and the more recent work of Michelangelo and Giambologna.     Some of the works I am looking at include:

Discoboulous, Myron - the ideal of the athlete

Apollo of Belvedere - praised as the quintessence of perfect beauty and the ultimate ideal of the male body; studied by many generations of artists (contrapposto)

Venus de Milo - the ideal of female beauty; example of S-curve body shape. This photo in this link doesn't show the S curve as well as other angles but it highlights the detail of the work on the musculature.  This one is a better illustration of the S curve.

Menelaus and Patroclus (Pasquino group)

Attalid group of Gauls at Pergamum

Aphrodite, various

Laocoon and his sons

Hermaphroditos, Roman 

Donatello's David, circa 1444 (contrapposto)

Michelangelo's David, 1503 (contrapposto) 

Salt cellar, Benvenuto Cellini, 1543

Florence Triumphant over Pisa, Giambologna, 1570

The Rape of the Sabine Women, Giambologna, 1583

Cupid and Psyche, Antonio Canova, 1793

What is it about the Hellenistic works  that I find inspiring?  In the Hellenic period artists were building on the forms of the Classical period, bringing a strong and seductive realism and huge increases in technical refinement.  Sculpture of heros and gods captured what was seen as the ideal human form  at that time.  Satyrs and nymphs are lighter, more playful figures that express the benign and sensual care of Dionysus, the wine god.  Perhaps this is the same thing that inspired what are assumed to be many direct marble copies by Roman artists, and later derivative works by Donatello, Michelangelo, and other Renaissance artists.  

What is the project? To create images inspired by these great works, attempting to either re-create the original works with some degree of fidelity; or if not, to capture some of the essence of the original.  The re-creations would have to be much less elaborate than what the Pageant of the Masters can undertake, so the challenge is to see to what degree the original can be captured, with limited resources. A first step will be to pick one or two of these works and start designing a simplified set and makeup approach.  And finding people to work with to realize the vision.

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Two of my images selected for large format display at MoPA tonight! Daisy Sgt Rock There will be many other photos too (from me and other artists) but these two will be printed 20x30 and displayed on the wall.  Pretty cool.

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Comic themed podypaint event at MoPA, Balboa Park, 12 July I am working with Briana and Tom Yip to put together the art for this event.

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Grapevine, Lebec California Hills Looking south, outside of Lebec, just before sunset. Camera left, the I-5 goes up (or comes down) the Grapevine.  Tomorrow the long drive north to Chester, just outside Lassen.


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On my way to Lassen Later today I leave for the long drive up to Lassen National Park for some day hikes and photography. I have wanted to see the park since my son wrote a report on it in grade school.  I'm not telling how old he is now! I just saw some images of weather by Mitch Dobrowner, a fine art photographer from Studio City. Great images, and inspiring for me - this is a type of photography I'd love to pursue but it takes a lot of time and dedication to be a "storm chaser". I may have internet available now and then and if I can I'll try blogging some images during the trip.

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Exploration Over the next few weeks I will continue to set up galleries as I move my images here from flickr and model mayhem. This site will also allow me to share a lot of images that I was not able to post on my free flickr or MM accounts.

I have taken up photography to explore my creative side. My career in technology and management, while rewarding and generally fun, has not given me  the opportunity to grow in this area. I just finished a photography course at UCSD, "Nature Photography: From Vision to Print", with Leland Foerster. This course covered composition,  printing, display, and what art directors look for in how your portfolio is presented. It was perfect for me.  I have a good grasp of the technology and mechanics of photography and need to work on developing my vision as an artist. 

I am exploring many different areas of photography as I search for my muse. I enjoy shooting fashion, fitness, cosplay, figure studies, nature, landscapes, botanicals, and combinations of those. Yes, this will lead to a diverse portfolio as I explore and experiment. 

If you are looking for a photographer, I am generally interested in discussing TF* shoots. If you have very specific needs that don't complement my portfolio I will probably ask for compensation - but let's talk.

I am also willing to work as an assistant. I have many years of experience in the business and technical world leading sometimes very large teams to complete complex projects on time and on budget. If you want someone to help in that kind of role with your photography, let's talk.

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First blog post - 12 June 2012 Greetings visitors!  Thanks for stopping by.

I have been sharing my photos on Model Mayhem and flickr and have maxed out both of those free accounts.  I decided that if I was going to pay for a site, I wanted my own site which could grow into a business if and when I decide to do that, and so here we go. 

Where am I going with photography? It is my creative outlet - I love working with other artistic people to create images that are exciting, thought provoking, and provocative.  So I am exploring a lot of different types of photography - fashion, body paint, figure studies, botanicals, landscapes, basically whatever I enjoy shooting.  I am finding that I enjoy more, shoots that involve other people - stylists, models, makeup artists. There is a lot of energy from working with others, that is absent when photographing nature. 

I have been thinking about making my photography a business. It seems like if I do that I will be less able to search for and follow my muse because I will be busy chasing dollars.  Maybe one day I can do both, but for now I'm focusing on the art rather than the business.  

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